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Garden Foods would like to thank all our customers and our community for their patience and understanding during this COVID-19 outbreak. Thank you for abiding by our new policies/guidelines and trusting us as we continue to implement the necessary changes as this health crisis evolves.

During this unprecedented time, it is imperative that we continue to support one another in the best possible way. We are doing our best under these extreme circumstances to run as normally as possible. For the next upcoming weeks, we will not have a weekly ad as our suppliers cannot guarantee us prices nor quantity.

  • At this time, we have altered our hours of operation: Monday to Sunday 8 am to 5pm. This allow us to clean, restock, and give our employees much needed rest.
  • We do our own screening upon entering. This is for the health and safety of our employees and customers in the store. We kindly ask if you are not well or you are quarantined because you have travelled outside the country, to refrain from entering our store. We also request that you please continue to practice social distancing.
  • Please be aware there may be purchase limits on certain products as a result of increased demands and to help support all customers. Garden Foods promises not to change prices or take advantage of the COVID-19. However, we cannot control price increase that may occur due to the economy.
  • We feel that our elderly (65+) and those with compromised immune systems are most at risk therefore we have offered them the service of doing their shopping for them. There are restrictions: we need 72 hours to process the order, orders cannot exceed over $50.00, you may fill out the order form directly on our website or call 905-857-1227

Finally let’s show compassion and be kind to one another – after all, we’re all in this together.
At this time, we are not able to provide delivery however we invite you to volunteer for the seniors or those in much need to pick up their groceries for them.

The Carbone Family and our Staff at Garden Foods


The COVID-19 situation is evolving

Today, we had our first confirmed case. One of our office staff has been confirmed with having the COVID-19 virus. The employee has not been in the store since March 18th. At this time the employee is not showing any symptoms of the virus.

We are taking all necessary precautions.

We have closed our store for the day to deep clean our store and office over and above the COVID-19 protocol.

We are being honest and transparent with you, our customers and our community. Every effort will be taken at this time.

We have been in contact with Peel Public Health. They stated that since the individual did not interact with the public and was not on site during their illness it’s determined that there is no specific risk with this exposure. We do know that COVID-19 is now in our community though, so again we encourage everyone to take precautions and wash your hands regularly and continue to practice social distancing.

We will be here for you through these difficult times.

Thank you,

The Carbone Family and our Staff at Garden Foods.

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