Fresh & hygienic meats and seafood cut in the traditional manner for an authentic taste at a reasonable price.

Finding a premium quality, hygienic and healthy butcher is a challenge for most of the food lovers. As big time gourmands, we at Garden Foods recognized this and thus our traditional style butchery took shape to offer the best in Canadian beef, pork, and seafood that has refined the art of providing the juiciest, the most succulent, and flavorsome melt-in-the-mouth protein every single time. Our homemade sausages shiskabobs and souvlaki are riotously popular in the city for their distinct flavor.

Traditional for us does not simply mean old. It means sticking to the age old practice of giving what a customer wants- be it a thick steak, a marinated bird, prime rib, tenderloin or a T-bone. Our qualified butchers have answers to all your questions and patience to meet your demands. Even the occasional curious ones!
Depending on availability, we offer various types of fresh fishes such as salmon steaks and filets, Rainbow trout, tilapia, sole, and perch filets. All these are caught the same day and recommended to be eaten before the day ends.

We recently introduced the antibiotic and hormone free, organic certified chicken and meats from Beretta Farms for the more health-conscious patrons of Garden Fresh.

Come, try something refreshing today. Call us at 905-857-1227 for today’s menu.

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