Garden Foods handpicks their fruits, vegetables, meats, poultry and seafood daily so it stays fresh when it reaches your dining table.

You spend 30-40% of your total monthly income on food. We make sure you get the freshest return on your investment. Our meticulous product selection strategy is designed to deliver authentic and exceptional taste every day. And at prices that stay within a common man’s reach.

Fruits & Vegetables:

Bulk of our products is locally sourced, thus supporting the local community and saving you on additional costs. You will fall in love with the smell and taste of our products and the nutritious values will keep you invested in us for a lifetime.

We also store a large variety of certified organic and specialty products.

Fresh Seafood:  

Fresh fish is a powerhouse of essential proteins that your diet should include daily. We offer fresh catches every day that can include salmon steaks and filets, rainbow trout, tilapia, sole, and perch filets. We encourage healthy eating by suggesting you to avoid freezing and serving them the same day. Our in-house chefs shall be happy to share a few interesting but simple recipes to make your dining special.

Fresh Meats:      

Our butchers ensure you get only the premium triple A Canadian beef and pork, aged to perfection so you get to taste the juiciest and most tender meats at every meal.

Organic Meats and Poultry:

For the passionately health conscious of you, we now also carry organic meats and poultry from Beretta Farms. These organic produces are antibiotic and hormone free, and are preferred all over the country as a wholesome alternate.

We invite you to experience fresh with us. Call us at 905-857-1227 or schedule a visit to our store.

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